Connecting to the Server

This page takes an estimated 15 minutes to complete.

To start using the command-line, you first need to download and install VMBox, a virtual environment to host all our command-line activities. Follow the instructions below to complete this procedure.

Enroll in the Course

The installation instructions are found in the Coursera course Command Line Tools for Genomic Data Science offered by Johns Hopkins University.

To get access to the instructions and the necessary files, you have to enroll in the course using the following instructions.

  1. Navigate to the course home page

  2. Click on the Enroll button

  3. If you plan to study data science beyond the scope of this guide, then feel free to proceed with the free trial initialization process and enter your financial credentials. If not, choose the "Audit course" option. Keep in mind, though, that we are going to refer to this course a lot later in the guide while exploring NGS.

Configure VMBox

Now, follow this link and complete the installation instructions for your machine. Return here once finished.

Install Exam Docs

In order to be able to complete the module exams and the other exercises in this guide, you need to have access to the exam files. You can find the files below. They work hand in hand with VMBox.

You do not need to install the files on your computer. The exams and other exercises provide all the links needed, however, it is a good idea to bookmark the page in your browser in case you need to look something up.


If you made it here, then congratulations! You have successfully completed this section. Move to the next portion of the guide with the arrow buttons below.

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